T.S. Transport (Scotland) LTD | Volvo FH 16 and Uncle Bert
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Volvo FH 16 and Uncle Bert

17 Sep Volvo FH 16 and Uncle Bert

Volvo FH 16 and Uncle Bert

My Uncle Bert came to work for us as a driver and he set off with E540LAS whilst we restored a very early L reg FH12 – 380 and put it to work alongside E540LAS. Not long after this we bought this absolute gem of a Volvo FH16 – I absolutely loved this truck

uncle bert

Here is My Uncle Bert pictured with it at his house and I think I would be right in saying that this was his favourite ever truck he had during his time with us. He raved about it and kept it totally and completely immaculate – This was ex Ross Gordon FH16 470bhp and never once did this truck let us down. One of those trucks you wish you had never sold.