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The beginning, my love of trucks

28 Aug The beginning, my love of trucks

The beginning, my love of trucks

My Dad was a heavy diesel mechanic from leaving school which is where I assume my obsession with trucks really began, this and also that my Uncle Bert drove Internationally from Angus, Scotland all the way out to Saudi Arabia which fascinated me. The stories of weeks sometimes months away from home, the endless tales he told me of his journeys and all that happened in-between were captivating for me. I would spend a lot of time with my Uncle Bert over my latter school years and traveled with him for thousands of miles, learning all the time, looking up to the people I most respected and trying my hardest to make them proud of me. My Uncle was a hard, tough Scottish character and took some pleasing i can tell you and he would give you a real ass-kicking when you got it wrong. I specifically remember Roping and Sheeting classes from my Uncle at a place in Halifax where he told me ” I will show you this only once then your on your own ” there would of been some expletives in there too.. A fantastic role model and a man I am proud as hell to of spent quality time with and learned so much from..

Jumping back to primary school years and somewhere along the way when we lived in Southam, Warwickshire I remember I was playing just down the road from where we lived at an adventure playground when I saw this big truck drive past heading down the small street in which we lived.

Well I grabbed my bike and off I tore to see this truck excited as hell I was. To cut an incredibly long story short the truck belonged to a man whom was to have the single biggest impact on my life and has become my lifelong friend. Not sure what he thought of this horrible little kid bugging him on a Saturday afternoon “Mr, can I have a look in your truck ?” The truck was a T reg (1977) Volvo F12 and I was hooked¼ The owner was to become very well known in the truck show circuit for custom truck’s and was Mr Mark Goddard (Goddard International Transport)

old truck images

As this kid kept bugging him every time the poor guy got home we became pretty good pals, I would help him wash and clean the truck and go with him to Birmingham to pick up his next trailer to ship out with. I was in my element and I would be fairly sure I was very annoying as well.

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