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“The Beast” is named, good friends missed

22 Oct “The Beast” is named, good friends missed


The reason behind Mark’s trademark ‘THE BEAST’ came about from the 666 registration number that was registered to the F12 …  Mark was 6ft+ and as broad shouldered as he was tall.

One of the regular weekly German delivery points Mark went to was Union Transport in Frankfurt and he became good friends with them all there and one particular guy nicknamed him ‘MR BEAST’ The slight adjustment to the name came when the later vehicle F116 HFC appeared.   I recall once when I was out with Mark and was very young at the time this very same German chap asked Mark if I was “the product of his Lovemaking”

Disaster strikes;   On Marks first ever trip with A666 LKV on his way back from the maiden voyage in Dover, Mark was cut up in the docks by an Austrian driver who nearly took the side out of Mark’s new pride and joy. The red mist descended and Mark jumped out of A666 to have a ‘quiet word’ but on landing shattered his knee and was rushed to hospital.

 Mark The Beast

Mark was discharged from hospital unable to drive for 4 weeks! New truck to pay for, mortgage , bills etc this was a total disaster …in came a guardian angel and friend Mick Tully.
Mick parked up his old Bedford in the drive and swapped into a one week old F12 Globetrotter (nice swap !) and Mick took his family with him and covered for Mark during his convalescence.. What a friend !!

Mick died of cancer a few years later and his ashes were scattered from a Ferry in the Channel … So Sad    🙁


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