T.S. Transport (Scotland) LTD | Mark upgrades to F16 Globetrotter
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02 Nov Mark upgrades to F16 Globetrotter

Mark moved from Southam to Northampton where he still resides and Anglo Overseas also expanded and moved out to Aldridge, Birmingham. And in late 1987 Mark ordered his next new truck a Volvo F16 6×2 S ride (Rear Lift) Globetrotter Registration number F116 HFC. This again had a full custom pearlescent paint job by Southam Garage Services with the end result was absolutely stunning and twin Eminox stacks setting the truck off completely.



Shortly after this latest purchase Mark supplied his own trailer onto the Anglo job, moving from Anglo’s straightframe tilt semi trailer’s to a larger volume step frame Van Hool tri axle tilt trailer for the growing groupage deliveries, firstly hired from TIP Trailer Hire and eventually he purchased the trailer and painted it with matching paintwork and the tilt cover was adorned with the Anglo Overseas livery ..

F16 trailer
The F16 was an incredibly faithful and strong servant and many times truck show winner for many years but was finally and sadly part exchanged for the completely revamped version 1 model of the all new Volvo FH16-520 Globetrotter Registration number N830 GVF around 1996 – A short while after this the trailer also underwent a full refurbishment and conversion from a tilt trailer into a more user friendly Euroliner by Essex trailers and the livery was changed to Aircraft Blue..

There was also some significant changes to the companies Mark worked for which saw Anglo Overseas and Union Transport of Frankfurt split and Anglo now owned by The Ziegler Group formed a new partnership with Transbest in Frankfurt which were then also bought out by Global player Panalpina and Marks work and return load work was then handled by Anglo (Ziegler) from Aldridge, Birmingham and Panalpina out of Stuttgart, Germany..

If you ever catch up with Mark ask about him, Adie and some Dutch ‘Danzas’ drivers taking me out in Stuttgart for what they called my International Truck Drivers initiation … That was some night I can tell you, bar after bar, but they ended up worse than me and I was pretty wrecked – Poor Mark was drinking my shots as well as his own and they also all had a ‘Catwalk’ Beer and Brandy party when we eventually got back to the trucks, I bowed out !!!  All really fantastic good guys and I miss them all !!

Interesting fact I found out only recently – I had been trying desperately for such a long time to find F116 HFC to hopefully purchase and restore her back to her former glory without Mark’s knowledge and as what I hoped would be a great surprise for him once she was completed and eventually with the help of friends I finally tracked her down… Well some of her…  It was a wasted mission because poor old F116 HFC is sadly no more as she was dismantled, cut up and lives on but in various other vehicles rather spread around now. The cab is apparently on a recovery truck and the engine was sold to Ireland etc etc ..

The only part the gentleman had left was the front half of the chassis from where it had been cut and the front axle .. I relinquished and told Mark about this to which he replied ‘that would be one heavy wheelbarrow’.

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