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November 2, 2015

Mark upgrades to F16 Globetrotter

Mark moved from Southam to Northampton where he still resides and Anglo Overseas also expanded and moved out to Aldridge, Birmingham. And in late 1987 Mark ordered his next new truck a Volvo F16 6x2 S ride (Rear Lift) Globetrotter Registration number F116 HFC. This...

October 22, 2015

“The Beast” is named, good friends missed

**THE BEAST** The reason behind Mark's trademark ‘THE BEAST’ came about from the 666 registration number that was registered to the F12 …  Mark was 6ft+ and as broad shouldered as he was tall. One of the regular weekly German delivery points Mark went to was Union...

October 19, 2015

Mark ‘Mr Beast’ his beginning

Mark ‘Mr Beast’ his beginning In 1972 at age 18 Mark and his stepdad ‘Ted’ whilst living in Southam, Warwickshire and with the support of Mark’s mum ‘Pat’ or ‘Min’ as she was better known bought a Bedford 35cwt and obtained work from Mark’s Dad ‘James’...

October 1, 2015

New yard 2010

New yard As time moved on we had more and more customers for the garage from the Dundee and surrounding area and the decision was made to leave Kirriemuir and move into a workshops in Dundee. In 2010 we moved once more to where we are now to...

September 18, 2015

Bert and the timber men in Sweden

Bert and the timber men in Sweden Sadly my Uncle Bert retired and I really honestly do miss him as he was such an inspiration, massive source of knowledge and an important link in the TS Transport chain and history. Along the way you meet many influential people...

September 17, 2015

Volvo FH 16 and Uncle Bert

Volvo FH 16 and Uncle Bert My Uncle Bert came to work for us as a driver and he set off with E540LAS whilst we restored a very early L reg FH12 - 380 and put it to work alongside E540LAS. Not long after this we bought this...